Episode 13: It's A Private Part-Y

In this episode, we bring you the Private Part-y! Pete has a newfound appreciation for women who wax. And after a weekend of posts for Mother’s Day, Pete poses the question, “Is it okay for ex-spouses to give presents to their ex-spouse, and should the receiver accept the gift?” Mena and Pete discuss the NFL’s Earl Thomas debacle and the debacle with his wife finding him, his brother and a bunch of women naked in the same bed at an AirBnB pad… Turns out, what Mena thinks I th

Episode 9: Asking For A Friend

We begin the episode with show and series recommendations we are enjoying. Of course, we give props and acknowledgment to all of the people on the front lines of providing services to the masses during this global pandemic. Mena and Pete get into it over Aunt Jemima syrup versus real maple syrup, and then Pete blows up Mena’s spot about her hatred for cheesecake. A listener writes us with a dilemma where he’s stuck in the middle knowing a bro has broken bro code, and

Bonus Episode 1: Power Series Finale Review

You’ve waited 6 seasons for a review worth listening to. Spoiler alert, watch the season finale of Power before listening to this episode. Pete is team Ghost, and Mena is team Ghost ain’t shabalabadingdong. Click on picture to listen. #BlendedImperfectly #PowerSeriesFinale #Power #50Cent #WhoKilledGhost