Episode #20: Caught... RED Stranded!

Jeez Louise! Mena’s without alcohol this episode... trying out a new diet, and we wonder if she sounds hangry the entire episode. After the couple surmises the shows and movies they’ve been watching, they explore the wonderful world of Karen’s tantruming in places they know they’re supposed to being wearing masks, they ask, “Why?” The couple responds to a letter from a listener, detailing long hairs being found in her tub after she leaves the house for extended periods of t

Episode #19: 'Til DEBT Do Us Part!

It’s said that the number one reason for divorce isn’t infidelity, but finances... It seems as if some people are seeing the tip of the iceberg before they even get married! Pete poses a scenario of a student loan payment as a proposal for marriage, that leads the fiancé to reply with, “Imma still need a ring.” Is she ungrateful? Or reasonable? Mena reads a letter from a listener who recently discovered his fiancé had massive debt, and is ready to call it all off as a result.

Episode 18: Cheating is KNOT an Entanglement

Funnily enough, we put up a poll in our Facebook Group, asking, “Is it over if your spouse cheats?,” and the day after, the Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Red Table Talk “Entanglement” scandal broke. So we took some time to answer a listener’s question on whether or not we felt she should divorce her husband after she discovered some Facebook communications for plans to meet up with another woman, (that doesn’t appear to have actually happened), and also discussed the Will

Episode 17: Don't Take The Bait

A listener writes in to ask, “What do you do when a girl’s planned brunch date gets highjacked?” Mena’s got some simple solutions. Another listener wants to know if he should intervene and talk to his on again off again girlfriend’s ex about his disrespect, and Pete and Mena both agree... DON’T TAKE THE BAIT! Pete goes off on yet again, another superficial tangent. Listen in to your favorite podcasting couple, doling out advice to our friends, our listeners. And always rememb

Episode 16: Cheapskates and Chocolate Puddin's

We are back after a short hiatus. We’ve decided to return to our usual format, because we think it’s important to at least be an escape from the bs going around in the world, and just take a mental and emotional break from it all and provide some humor. A listener writes in to ask a question about her cheapskate ex-husband and expectations of etiquette. Another listener writes in to ask us how he should address a situation in which his ex-wife has started using a former pet n

Episode 15: Stop Being So Dramatic!

Pete and Mena start the episode by letting you all know that Pete has to have surgery this week. Of course with any surgery, you have to have a pre-op appointment where he also had to be screened for COVID-19. Talk about DRAMATIC! Even the nurses were doubled over laughing. A listener writes in to ask if she’s being petty for making her husband contact his ex-wife to stop using his last name. And Mena reads a question from a Facebook group where a man is hesitant to move his

Episode 14: Sometimes You Gotta Tell People To Step Off!

Let me tell you… Sometimes you have to tell everyone to step off! We begin the episode talking about wearing masks, and the new jacked up tan lines people are going to get now that we are heading into summer… Also, we realize that single people out there trying to pick up chicks or dudes are gonna be mask-fished, which is the new and even more messed up “catfished.” As usual, we tackle listener’s requests for advice. A listener ran into his father-in-law, and found out he was

Episode 13: It's A Private Part-Y

In this episode, we bring you the Private Part-y! Pete has a newfound appreciation for women who wax. And after a weekend of posts for Mother’s Day, Pete poses the question, “Is it okay for ex-spouses to give presents to their ex-spouse, and should the receiver accept the gift?” Mena and Pete discuss the NFL’s Earl Thomas debacle and the debacle with his wife finding him, his brother and a bunch of women naked in the same bed at an AirBnB pad… Turns out, what Mena thinks I th

Episode 12: What Really Grinds My Gears... A Complaint Session For All

We begin this episode with acknowledging how crappy this time is right now, and how it’s impacted Mena’s mood enough to start a list of what really grinds her gears. Then Pete and Mena go back and forth about the things that really irritates them... from stupid people to sayings that should be permanently retired. Then of course, it’s advice and opinion time when a woman’s future husband proposes to her with the ring he proposed to his ex-fiancée. And another woman asks if sh

Bonus Episode 4: An In-Between-y... It's All Entertainment Until You Put Your Foot In Your Mouth

Quarantining all over the world, and trying to maintain a healthy relationship has got some couples going a little crazy. In this episode, we give advice to a listener whose tongue in cheek comment about her marriage caught the attention of interviewers from major entertainment outlets after writing a comment on a New York Times article about quarantining with your mate. Click the picture to be directed to a link to listen to this episode on #BlendedImperfec

Episode 11: You're Gonna Have To Wear That Pinch

We are back with new listeners and a review of the first 3 episodes of the new Netflix Series, Too Hot to Handle. (Review ends at 31:15). A listener writes us to ask if she should tell her fiancé about her future father-in-law’s inappropriate pinch, or keep it to herself. Either way, she doesn’t even want to be around the guy. Take a listen as we go through a myriad of scenarios to help this listener resolve this issue. Lastly, we go off on a tangent about face masks and

Episode 10: Corona Is Cramping Everyone's Style

Mena gets kicked out of another Facebook Group. Safe to say, these groups are not for her. A listener writes in asking for advice to get her ex out of her house. Another listener asks for Pete to keep it funky on whether or not he should call it quits on his girlfriend who shut him down on quarantining with her. Click the picture to be directed to a link to listen to this episode on #CrampingMyStyle #GetOut #KeepingItFunky #ShackedUp #SelfSabotaging #ItsADro

Episode 9: Asking For A Friend

We begin the episode with show and series recommendations we are enjoying. Of course, we give props and acknowledgment to all of the people on the front lines of providing services to the masses during this global pandemic. Mena and Pete get into it over Aunt Jemima syrup versus real maple syrup, and then Pete blows up Mena’s spot about her hatred for cheesecake. A listener writes us with a dilemma where he’s stuck in the middle knowing a bro has broken bro code, and

Bonus Episode 3: An In-Between-y... Do What You Want, It's Your House

On this in-between-y, we talk about how each of us are adjusting to this crisis. It’s been two weeks for Mena and things are spiraling out of control. We give advice to a listener who asks whether she should have toned down her opinions in her own home, and we briefly discuss couples losing their identity. Lastly, we share advice from Mena’s friend and former boss, Dr. Ramon Solhkhah, who suggests changing the verbiage from social distancing to physical distancing and being s

Episode 8: When #2 Is Your #1 Issue

We offer up a few park-free solutions to keep the kids busy. Many listeners wrote us to ask this question: What made us want to have a child together? Mena swears there was a conspiracy theory against her. Two listeners write to Pete and Mena and ask for advice. After a man gets caught cheating twice, he’s still not sure how to end it, and is confused about what to do. A woman has her boyfriend move in after dating long-distance, and it’s not long before –ish gets real! Real,

Bonus Episode 2: An In-Between-y: Mena's A Bit Of A Mean-y

So, of course, we decided to do an extra episode this week, while whole countries are social distancing and in some cases, fully quarantined. We would be remiss if we just ignored this, and continued on with business as usual. We acknowledge the work from home crew, the individuals making sacrifices continuing to work as their roles are essential to running the country, and stand with those in solidarity who have unfortunately lost their jobs because of this. We hope to be a

Episode 7: When Spicing It Up Goes Wrong

We are here to get the world through this social distancing thing. In this episode, we touch briefly on what we are doing to keep the boredom to a minimum at home by adding twists to board games. We read and give advice from two listeners who ask questions about how to react to a wife sharing pictures on social media from a boudoir photo shoot, and a husband who wants to have his wife watch adult movies with him. As you can imagine, the advice we give goes off the rails. Clic

Episode 4: Pete's Just Wingin' It

Pete leads this episode and by the end of the episode, we come to the conclusion, that Pete's just wingin' it. The results from our poll are revealed. Pete tells us a hilarious story in which he would prefer that someone would just turn the other cheek, and it's not the cheek on that person's face. Mena expresses her concern over kindergarten "try-outs." Pete asks Mena an impromptu question about meeting our kids' dates, and a question about losing identity and finances leads

Episode 3: Pete Ain't Naming Names, BUT...

In this episode, Pete tells the story of how he got kicked out of his very first Facebook Group, (Mena's secretly proud of that). We discuss our differing parenting styles, (Pete is very particular about his spot on the couch!) A listener writes an email to the podcast asking for advice on how to bring back that loving feeling, and we talk about our night out for Valentine's Day when Pete was scolded for doing something he shouldn't have. Click on picture to listen. #BlendedI

Bonus Episode 1: Power Series Finale Review

You’ve waited 6 seasons for a review worth listening to. Spoiler alert, watch the season finale of Power before listening to this episode. Pete is team Ghost, and Mena is team Ghost ain’t shabalabadingdong. Click on picture to listen. #BlendedImperfectly #PowerSeriesFinale #Power #50Cent #WhoKilledGhost