Episode #19: 'Til DEBT Do Us Part!

It’s said that the number one reason for divorce isn’t infidelity, but finances... It seems as if some people are seeing the tip of the iceberg before they even get married! Pete poses a scenario of a student loan payment as a proposal for marriage, that leads the fiancé to reply with, “Imma still need a ring.” Is she ungrateful? Or reasonable? Mena reads a letter from a listener who recently discovered his fiancé had massive debt, and is ready to call it all off as a result.

Bonus Episode 4: An In-Between-y... It's All Entertainment Until You Put Your Foot In Your Mouth

Quarantining all over the world, and trying to maintain a healthy relationship has got some couples going a little crazy. In this episode, we give advice to a listener whose tongue in cheek comment about her marriage caught the attention of interviewers from major entertainment outlets after writing a comment on a New York Times article about quarantining with your mate. Click the picture to be directed to a link to listen to this episode on #BlendedImperfec

Bonus Episode 2: An In-Between-y: Mena's A Bit Of A Mean-y

So, of course, we decided to do an extra episode this week, while whole countries are social distancing and in some cases, fully quarantined. We would be remiss if we just ignored this, and continued on with business as usual. We acknowledge the work from home crew, the individuals making sacrifices continuing to work as their roles are essential to running the country, and stand with those in solidarity who have unfortunately lost their jobs because of this. We hope to be a

Episode 7: When Spicing It Up Goes Wrong

We are here to get the world through this social distancing thing. In this episode, we touch briefly on what we are doing to keep the boredom to a minimum at home by adding twists to board games. We read and give advice from two listeners who ask questions about how to react to a wife sharing pictures on social media from a boudoir photo shoot, and a husband who wants to have his wife watch adult movies with him. As you can imagine, the advice we give goes off the rails. Clic