Episode 17: Don't Take The Bait

A listener writes in to ask, “What do you do when a girl’s planned brunch date gets highjacked?” Mena’s got some simple solutions. Another listener wants to know if he should intervene and talk to his on again off again girlfriend’s ex about his disrespect, and Pete and Mena both agree... DON’T TAKE THE BAIT! Pete goes off on yet again, another superficial tangent. Listen in to your favorite podcasting couple, doling out advice to our friends, our listeners. And always rememb

Episode 9: Asking For A Friend

We begin the episode with show and series recommendations we are enjoying. Of course, we give props and acknowledgment to all of the people on the front lines of providing services to the masses during this global pandemic. Mena and Pete get into it over Aunt Jemima syrup versus real maple syrup, and then Pete blows up Mena’s spot about her hatred for cheesecake. A listener writes us with a dilemma where he’s stuck in the middle knowing a bro has broken bro code, and