Bonus Episode 3: An In-Between-y... Do What You Want, It's Your House

On this in-between-y, we talk about how each of us are adjusting to this crisis. It’s been two weeks for Mena and things are spiraling out of control. We give advice to a listener who asks whether she should have toned down her opinions in her own home, and we briefly discuss couples losing their identity. Lastly, we share advice from Mena’s friend and former boss, Dr. Ramon Solhkhah, who suggests changing the verbiage from social distancing to physical distancing and being s

Episode 2: Mena's Not Messing with Vermin

In this episode, we answer your question: Do opposites attract? What makes us similar? And what makes us different? We also answer the question we posed: What was a lie your parents may have told you, that you later found out was a lie? Pete also blows up Mena’s spot: Maybe Facebook Groups aren’t her thing. Click on picture to listen #BlendedImperfectly #OppositesAttract #BonnieAndClyde #LiesMyParentsToldMe