Episode 15: Stop Being So Dramatic!

Pete and Mena start the episode by letting you all know that Pete has to have surgery this week. Of course with any surgery, you have to have a pre-op appointment where he also had to be screened for COVID-19. Talk about DRAMATIC! Even the nurses were doubled over laughing. A listener writes in to ask if she’s being petty for making her husband contact his ex-wife to stop using his last name. And Mena reads a question from a Facebook group where a man is hesitant to move his

Episode 12: What Really Grinds My Gears... A Complaint Session For All

We begin this episode with acknowledging how crappy this time is right now, and how it’s impacted Mena’s mood enough to start a list of what really grinds her gears. Then Pete and Mena go back and forth about the things that really irritates them... from stupid people to sayings that should be permanently retired. Then of course, it’s advice and opinion time when a woman’s future husband proposes to her with the ring he proposed to his ex-fiancée. And another woman asks if sh

Episode 9: Asking For A Friend

We begin the episode with show and series recommendations we are enjoying. Of course, we give props and acknowledgment to all of the people on the front lines of providing services to the masses during this global pandemic. Mena and Pete get into it over Aunt Jemima syrup versus real maple syrup, and then Pete blows up Mena’s spot about her hatred for cheesecake. A listener writes us with a dilemma where he’s stuck in the middle knowing a bro has broken bro code, and

Episode 8: When #2 Is Your #1 Issue

We offer up a few park-free solutions to keep the kids busy. Many listeners wrote us to ask this question: What made us want to have a child together? Mena swears there was a conspiracy theory against her. Two listeners write to Pete and Mena and ask for advice. After a man gets caught cheating twice, he’s still not sure how to end it, and is confused about what to do. A woman has her boyfriend move in after dating long-distance, and it’s not long before –ish gets real! Real,