Bonus Episode 2: An In-Between-y: Mena's A Bit Of A Mean-y

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

So, of course, we decided to do an extra episode this week, while whole countries are social distancing and in some cases, fully quarantined. We would be remiss if we just ignored this, and continued on with business as usual. We acknowledge the work from home crew, the individuals making sacrifices continuing to work as their roles are essential to running the country, and stand with those in solidarity who have unfortunately lost their jobs because of this. We hope to be a little bit of light, in a dim/dark place right now.

We read letters from two listeners this episode, and of course, Pete plays Devil's Advocated in one scenario, until Mena goes completely off the rails and is fully revved up for the remainder of the episode. By the end, it should be clear that Mena could be a it of a Mean-y.

Come along for another wild ride, and continue to send in those questions! Click on picture to listen to episode.

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