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Episode 11: You're Gonna Have To Wear That Pinch

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

We are back with new listeners and a review of the first 3 episodes of the new Netflix Series, Too Hot to Handle. (Review ends at 31:15). A listener writes us to ask if she should tell her fiancé about her future father-in-law’s inappropriate pinch, or keep it to herself. Either way, she doesn’t even want to be around the guy. Take a listen as we go through a myriad of scenarios to help this listener resolve this issue. Lastly, we go off on a tangent about face masks and food stamps. How did we even get here?

Click the picture to be directed to a link to listen to this episode on #BlendedImperfectly #TooHotToHandle #Grenades #GiveUpSex #DirtyOldMan #DelicateSituation #FaceMasks #FoodStamps #WearThatPinch #InLaws

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