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Episode 12: What Really Grinds My Gears... A Complaint Session For All

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

We begin this episode with acknowledging how crappy this time is right now, and how it’s impacted Mena’s mood enough to start a list of what really grinds her gears. Then Pete and Mena go back and forth about the things that really irritates them... from stupid people to sayings that should be permanently retired.

Then of course, it’s advice and opinion time when a woman’s future husband proposes to her with the ring he proposed to his ex-fiancée. And another woman asks if she’s ungrateful for having wandering eyes from her husband who seems perfect in every aspect except for a few minor flaws. You already know, the couple has some VERY strong opinions about these questions.

Tell us what grinds your gears! Let’s complain together! Submit your questions or asks for advice from the couple by email at:

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