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Episode 18: Cheating is KNOT an Entanglement

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Funnily enough, we put up a poll in our Facebook Group, asking, “Is it over if your spouse cheats?,” and the day after, the Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith Red Table Talk “Entanglement” scandal broke. So we took some time to answer a listener’s question on whether or not we felt she should divorce her husband after she discovered some Facebook communications for plans to meet up with another woman, (that doesn’t appear to have actually happened), and also discussed the Will and Jada craziness. Why did they feel the need to even address this now, when there’s been rumors for years about their open marriage?

Another listener is ready to propose to his girlfriend and wonders if he should disclose that he’s been getting the old rub and tug at the massage parlor for years!

Listen in to your favorite podcasting couple, doling out advice to our friends (our listeners).

And always remember, before you turn the blender on, put a lid on that b...!

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