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Episode 4: Pete's Just Wingin' It

Pete leads this episode and by the end of the episode, we come to the conclusion, that Pete's just wingin' it. The results from our poll are revealed. Pete tells us a hilarious story in which he would prefer that someone would just turn the other cheek, and it's not the cheek on that person's face. Mena expresses her concern over kindergarten "try-outs." Pete asks Mena an impromptu question about meeting our kids' dates, and a question about losing identity and finances leads Mena down a path of getting on her soap box to encourage people to share their knowledge to educate others about financial literacy. Click on picture to listen. #BlendedImperfectly #WingingIt #WinginIt #TurnTheOtherCheek #AssedOut #ComedyPodcast #RelationshipPodcast #MyHusbandIsRidiculous

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