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Episode 6: Not Everyone Can Be a Boo Thang

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Zonnee is back home from college for Spring Break, and makes a guest appearance to clear her name as the “spot stealer.” Pete and Mena run down what it was like to meet Zonnee’s new Boo Thang. The couple re-caps the Netflix season of Love Is Blind, and Mena’s impression of Jessica is off the chain! And a listener writes to ask the couple to ask if going to the strip club is cheating, while another listener asks if it’s time for him to let the T!tty Bars go.

Click on picture to listen to episode. Introducing, Zonnee, the spot stealer - 01:27 Mom and Dad meet Zonnee's Boo Thang - 06:25 Love Is Blind, Full Season Recap - 18:45 Strip Clubs and Relationships - 46:45

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